Massage Services

Massage is really quite simple. It is a conscious decision to show you body a little bit of gratitude. In technical terms, massage is defined as the manipulation of the soft tissues within the body in order to facilitate the body's natural ability to heal itself. AEMC offers a full range of massage services to address the complex effects that every day activity and stress have upon the body and mind.

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Types of Massage Offered


Clients are greeted at the front desk in a modern, spacious waiting area where they may relax briefly or go directly to their appointment. Massage services are delivered in relaxing individual, private massage rooms. The environment is dimly lit with soft music playing to provide an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

A sauna and shower are also available to enhance clients' before or after-massage experience.

The left side of the AEMC massage services area showing chairs and doors to private massage rooms.
The right side of the AEMC massage services area showing chairs, aquarium and wall art.
The sauna can provide a refreshing addition before or after a massage.