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...to calm the body and relax the mind...to have a massage.

For more than 3,000 years, massage therapy has played a role in people's efforts to increase their health and well-being. Today it is a mainstream component of the ongoing effort to take care of our bodies. It is an effective way to get better and feel better.

With specialists trained to administer a full array of massage techniques, American and European Massage Clinic's approach makes massage accessible to everyone from professional athletes to technicians with sore necks and wrists to someone who simply needs an hour or more of close attention for an exhausted body.

This friendly and peaceful environment, established in 1995, offers not only a full range of massage therapy services, but a massage school as well which educates its students to deliver the life-giving benefits of massage and a healthy lifestyle.

So whether you are interested in learning more about massage or whether you simply need to relax and re-energize, call for an appointment today!